Blog title using key words and key phrases


I’ve laid out some helpful blog post tips in this post. You may want to use it as a guide when adding your own posts.

1) As I mentioned, your blog post title is the most findable component of a post. It’s best to use key words & phrases.

2) Put the post into the proper category by selecting “Blog” from the “Categories” section. If not selected, the post will not appear.

3) Adding a “featured image”, which is the thumbnail image displayed on on the mail blog posts page alongside the other most recent posts. When you click on it, it takes you to the full post.  Select your “featured image” by clicking on the “featured image” link found on the lower right-hand side of each posts edit page. A “featured image” will only appear on the blog category page, and will not be visible once the reader clicks to view the post in its entirety. Therefore, you can add another image (either the same or different) to the page itself, as I’ve done with this post (FYI: The cat in this image was our kitty for years. She lived with us in the states and then in Italy. This image is one I took of her prowling the backyard of our Lucca, Italy home). Remeber that you can decide on small, medium or large versions of an image.

4) Tags: Also on the right-hand side of the page (while in edit) you’ll see a space to add tags to an image. This is great for SEO. The tags (or key words) should be very specific to that post. Once you’ve added a tag one time, it will appear in a “most used” list, which allows you to quickly add the tags to other posts.

5) Remember to “Publish” or “Update” as the last thing you do. This will save your changes.

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